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Alwyn Duraan



The Leading Water Purifying System Company in South Africa

"Hi Wilfried, Thank you for the glacier 2stg Double Under-Counter water purifier installation. Solly was a pleasure to have in our house, he was very helpful & a pleasure to deal with. An employee like that can only do good things for your company. I would recommend using Glacier to any of my friends."

Martin Coetzee


I trust this email finds you well and in good health?

We are so impressed with the water cooler we purchased from you that

we would like to place an additional order for 2 more please?

Exactly the same as the 1 you billed us for. Delivery address will also be

the same although they wont be set up here hope this will be in order?

Kindly send me an invoice and I will arrange payment as soon as I get it.

Ms. Victoria

We all know that water is precious and even though some of us may think at the moment we have quantity – trust me, our tap water quality is far from good.  Being the neurotic individual that I am, I went and got myself an under counter reverse osmosis system installed (and tester to give me some peace of mind which gives the readings of the total dissolved soluble in solution which could include any of the following “baddies” made up of a mixture of Aluminum, Arsenic, Asbestos, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Mercury, Nitrate, Nitrite, Selenium, Silver Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and Uranium from our mining past and present is starting to creep into our system).  So I started testing the various water points at home and the results were terrifying.  Our water readings of TDSs should not be much higher than 10 – my municipal tap water came out at 270 and is now about 138, my fish pond water 75, my fish tank 115, rain water 21 and my newly purified water is at present 19.  The filtration will come down to about 10 with this system the longer I use it.

SO I went to the big cheese of Glacier (who lives and his business is in Kensington)  and he undertook to sell these water purifiers to Kensington Residents at R2999.00 including Vat, Delivery + Installation + Pressure Reducing valve.  They are not intrusive by the sink and only a small hole needs to be drilled on the counter top to thread the piping to the tap.   Bear in mind, access to your water pipe is required (I had all my piping hidden behind either panels or tiles and had to get the plumber out to sort this out) and if you have granite or marble/stone tops you need to commission granite companies to come out and drill a 12mm hole for faucet that comes with our product. Unfortunately we do not offer this service as special tools are required.

Contact Glacier on 011 614 9840/1 or 0860 616198 or write to them at visit their website at  Tell them you are a Kensington Resident and start drinking clean water for a change.

The long term object is to harvest as much rain water as you can and once I have had mine installed, I will let you onto that little secret.


I never recommend a person because it can always come back to you but of late a lot of buddies have asked where to get water purifiers that fit under the tap and I did not have his no on my phone…… is his number below. This is an honest hard working guy by the name of Wilfred that I have known for 20 odd years owner of this company so if you want a water purifier this guy will assist you in a trust worthy; efficient; no nonsense manner.


Thank you so much.

And if it counts for anything, regardless of what I go through with the setup, I have a very high regard for your product.  We have one at work and because of the fantastic service we got out of that one, I saved until I could buy one for home!  I love it!

Heidi Chester-Browne

Hennie is 100% happy thanks very much, and thanks for the

excellent service, we really appreciate it. Great product.

Maureen MacDonald

Sorry I took so long to reply.

Just to let you know that I am completely satisfied with my water purifier. I hate drinking tap water, to me it always tastes lousy and bottled water is becoming more and more expensive.

When travelling I have to depend on bottled water but at home I like it to be on tap.

Lorraine Knoetze

Thank you for the Glacier 2 stage water purification unit that you recently installed for me. I am very pleased with the results. In addition to being able to taste the difference in the water there is also no longer the scale buildup in my electrical appliances.

However, what impressed me most was the outstanding and professional service right from the time I requested a quotation from you until the people who installed it, left. They arrived exactly on time, did the installation and left in a matter of an hour and thirty minutes. They were neat, well-spoken and their conduct was professional. The gentleman who did the installation was knowledgeable and made sure I understood how the system works.

I have no hesitation to recommend your company to others.

During June 2014 we had two prolonged (4 days then 3 days) water interruptions resulting in dry water shops within a 12km radius from home. This set the ball rolling to have a water reservoir installed at home (town house complex). To cut a long story short, after many days/nights of research on the best possible options for clean water, I found Glacier. The core of the system. Due to the nature of my wife’s disability, diarrhea caused by any water borne contamination was and is not an option, no matter the costs involved. What was supposed to be a basic installation, ended up in quite a nifty, redundant, purified water buffer system (4 – 7 days reserve).

My system is based around your “Glacier Whole House Water Filter System with UV Steriliser I”.

Joburg water is supplied through a non-return valve and Walker Crossweller pressure regulator, set at 5bar.

This water supply fills the 2 x 750 litre JoJo Slimline tanks on demand, controlled by a float valve in each.

This reservoir supplies water to a Pentax Cam 100 booster pump, controlled by Pentax Hidromatic controller :- senses pressure, flow and dry supply.

The pump starts when the pressure drops below 2.3bar and will continue until the flow stops, running for another 15 seconds and stops at 4bar.

The 15 seconds avoids rapid start/stop after tap is closed/opened in short successions.

The pump then supplies water to the Glassfibre Carbon filter with Automatic Backwash Head (ABH).

Water is then fed through the UV Water Sterilizer to the house – all of it.

The water pressure at the taps are static at 4 bar but will gradually drop to 2.3bar by a 8 litre pressure tank.

This is to compensate for the pressure properties of the Carbon filter vessel AND the way the Hidromatic controller operates. (some serious tuning was needed here)

The ABH assures the carbon is backwashed every Saturday morning at exactly 06:34 and cycles for 3 minutes (your recommendation and unchanged since installation)

Load shedding? I installed a motorised valve to allow Joburg water to bypass the pump and feed the water filtration/purifier directly.

I have a micro controller setup that monitors the water pressure at various points and reports any event of failure (visually and SMS).

The electricity supply is also monitored before and after the main breaker to monitor utility supply interruption or a tripped breaker (visually and SMS).

An electricity interruption, in any event, activates the motorised valve to bypass the pump and switch the UV lamp to be powered by an inverter.

Everything, besides the 230VAC pump is powered by solar charged battery system/inverter and is therefore never interrupted.

Our trustees allowed this system installation due to the quality of the products, workmanship and sustained suppliers and available maintenance programs. Municipal bylaws are all adhered to which necessitated the installation of a aesthetically neat and “sound proof” pump enclosure, lined with rockwool – 43dBA!

After you left a few days ago with the UV replacement (8000 hours maintenance interval), I opened the tanks to inspect the water. The Milton idea was excellent, yet, as you said, not necessary. The tank and water was sparkling clean.

During and after the installation, you played a major role and guided me with the correct procedures and advise to make this a perfect solution for sustained and clean water. Bottom line: Money well spent at the right place.

Thanks boss!

Mariëtte Barnard

I tell everyone that comes through our door that my Glacier Cooler is the best investment I have ever made!

And that is the honest truth. I have spent money on lots of things, as we all do, but my cooler is by far my biggest joy!

Sounds weird, but to see my kids enjoy the water is priceless. When their friends come over they envy the privilege we have to drink clean water as opposed to tap water.

It never takes long before you start seeing the frequent trips to the cooler J.

You won’t believe it but when my kids go away for weekends or so, the first thing they say when they get back home is: ‘ Thank goodness, clean water, free of charge ‘.

Even my husband that has a phobia about cholera etc etc drinks from the cooler without any worries.

So yes 10 out of 10 for this best buy!


Just a note to say that the water purifier is working very well.

It takes bad municipal water and gives us excellent water quality.

The porcelain filter is already brown!

Kevin & Calista

Thanks, your team did a neat, tidy and speedy implementation – much appreciated! All working well.

Martin Coetzee

Thank you for the glacier 2stg Double Under-Counter water purifier installation.

Solly was a pleasure to have in our house, he was very helpful & a pleasure to deal with.

An employee like that can only do good things for your company.

I would recommend using Glacier to any of my friends.

Heather Blair

Wilfried, thank you so much for your exceptional and speedy service .. your installer arrived, when you said he would, with a big smile, fast proficient and efficient.

All of these things are so undervalued and rare - I’m super-impressed!