Water Purification Services

Choose Glacier for your water filtration services

Glacier offers a wide range of water filtration services because we believe that great service and satisfaction starts after the sale is done. Purified drinking water is essential to your health and if your water purification system malfunctions, needs servicing, or needs repairing, we will be there to fix it and get your system working properly again. Some of the water purification services we offer include service and maintenance of your water filterservice and maintenance contractsSIP 2000product rentals and a window cleaning service.

What water purifier services does Glacier offer?

  • Service & Maintenance of your water filter – Our highly-skilled team will come to your location to service your water purification system every 12 to 18 months. This ensures your filter is free of microorganisms and chemicals that collect over time.
  • Service and Maintenance Contracts – For your convenience we offer water purifier maintenance contracts that include bi-monthly inspection and servicing of your unit, cleaning the tanks, checking for any defects and much more. You also receive free replacement filters within the twelve month period.
  • SIP 2000 – Over time, a slimy substance called bio-film can grow on a water cooler’s interior reservoir. The SIP 2000 uses a special process to eliminate bio-film every night, meaning you’re left with pure, fresh drinking water every day. It’s perfect for point-of-use coolers.
  • Product Rentals – If renting a water purifying system is a more viable option, we have several models available. There is no minimum rental period, but a 30 day cancellation notice is required. All of our rental contracts include bi-monthly service and maintenance for the duration of the rental period.
  • The Purified Water Window Cleaning Service – Glacier also offers a Purified Water Window Cleaning Service for residential and commercial buildings. We don’t use any harmful chemicals or detergents, and we only ever use purified water. We’ll have your windows sparkling in no time.

At Glacier, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to maintain our excellent reputation by offering our customers a variety of water purification services that extend long after a sale has been made and our maintenance and repair team is always available to answer any questions you have or address any problems you’re experiencing. Contact us today to learn more about our water filtration services.

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