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Important: This is your authorized Warranty Record. This form must be completed and returned to Ingelby International to validate the warranty on your Glacier Unit. Without complete, accurate information your warranty may not be valid.

"I trust this email finds you well and in good health? We are so impressed with the water cooler we purchased from you that we would like to place an additional order for 2 more please. Exactly the same as the one you billed us for. Delivery address will also be the same although they won't be set up here hope this will be in order? Kindly send me an invoice and I will arrange payment as soon as I get it."

Lanie Clark

"Sorry I took so long to reply.

Just to let you know that I am completely satisfied with my water purifier. I hate drinking tap water, to me it always tastes lousy and bottled water is becoming more and more expensive.

When travelling I have to depend on bottled water but at home I like it to be on tap."

Maureen MacDonald

"Thanks, your team did a neat, tidy and speedy implementation – much appreciated! 

All working well."

Kevin & Calista

We are a water filtration system company that supplies water purification and water dispensing products to private homes as well as commercial and industrial entities.

We strive to improve the quality of life and the environment with our durable and innovative products. Glacier provides a 3 year warranty on all our products. Our products are approved with ISO 9001 and the CE mark. Service & Maintenance contracts available. 

Glacier – A Water Filtration System Company you can trust

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