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Want to start out in the purified water business?

Here’s an industrial water system for you

Are you looking for a way to get into the purified water business but don’t have a large amount of start-up capital? An industrial water purification system in the form of a water bar may be the perfect entrepreneurial opportunity.

This system works on the principle of reverse osmosis and each tank can supply 200 litres of top quality clean, fresh-tasting water. While this process is incredibly environmentally friendly, the purified water industry isn’t – mainly because water bottles are constantly used on a once off basis, contributing significantly to the plastic recycling issue (as most bottles are not recycled) and because the process of manufacturing millions of these plastic bottles itself is damaging to the environment.

Because of this, these water bars were developed as an environmentally friendly alternative. Customers can purchase a bottle of purified water and then refill at a water bar for under R1 per litre. This is a significant cost saving for the consumer, as a bottle of purified water usually sees for between R5 and R10 for 500mls. As consumers increasingly turn to bottled water for a safe, clean source of drinking water, so these water bars will provide an easier, cost-effective option for consumers.

These water bars also present an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get creative with this in-demand product – installing them in grocery stores, petrol stations and shopping malls or even at concerts and outdoor events where people need a clean reliable source of hydration.

To find out more about this unique opportunity as well as our other industrial water purification solutions, visit our website or contact us today.

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