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Substances of Concern to the Domestic Water User!

What is water quality?

The term “water quality” is used to describe the microbiological, physical and chemical properties of water that determine its fitness for use. Many of these properties are controlled or influenced by substances which are either dissolved or suspended in our water.

In nature, water rarely occurs in its pure form and it normally contains a variety of substances. People generally have their own feeling for what “good” or “bad” quality water is, without giving it much thought. If water looks clean, and the taste and smell are not unpleasant, then people usually think it is good. If water does not look clean, or it has an unpleasant taste or smell, people think it is bad. However, water that is murky, or has a colour or an unpleasant smell,  is not necessarily unsafe to drink. On the other hand, clear water, without any smell, is not always safe to drink as it may contain dissolved substances or disease-causing organisms that are harmful to your health. This means that good quality water sources are sometimes rejected while bad quality sources are accepted.

Microbiological quality: refers to the presence of organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye, such as protozoa, bacteria and viruses. Many of these microbes are associated with the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases such as gastro-enteritis and cholera. Faecal and total coliforms are commonly used as indicators to determine the microbiological quality of domestic water supplies.  Recommended water filtration system to be used –  Stainless Steel Home Unit & Ceramic Candle Filter

Physical quality: refers to water quality properties that may be determined by physical methods such as conductivity, pH and turbidity measurements. The physical quality mainly affects the aesthetic quality (taste,odour and appearance) of your water. Recommended water filtartion system to be used - 18 000L Single Counter Top Unit

Chemical quality: refers to the nature and concentration of dissolved substances such as salt, metal and organic chemicals. Many chemical substances in water are essential as part of  the daily intake required, but at high concentrations they make water unpalatable and cause illnesses. Recommended water filtration system to be used - Smaller RO.system

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