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Improve the Quality of Contaminated Tap Water!

Glacier Water Technologies is a water filtration company that provides excellent customer service and is in the business of marketing and selling a range of high quality water purification products to the South African market.


With 19 years’ experience in the SA water purification industry and having identified the problems associated with poor quality drinking water, Glacier Water Technologies believes that a point-of-use system is not adequate anymore. We believe that all the water in your house should be purified.


While taking a bath or shower it has been proven that the chlorine being absorbed by your skin and lungs is more than what you can drink in a whole week. Harmful heavy metals found in your water pose a further threat to your whole family.


Compared to the dozens of different point-of-use water filters available on the market, we believe that our “Glacier Whole House Water Filter System” is the best solution for safe clean domestic water.


With our system you can safely drink water from any tap or faucet throughout your home, plus all appliances are protected from heavy metals, plus all household water is sterilized.


Our system works as a point-of-entry system, meaning it’s connected directly onto your house plumbing system where all the water is treated before it comes into your house.


Firstly, the water will go through a back-washable granular active carbon process. Our 1 st grade Granular Active Carbon will reduce the sediment and harmful heavy metal content, plus remove 99% of the chlorine from all the tap water. The smell and taste of your water will immediately improve from all taps and faucets throughout your house. 


The second stage involves a UV water sterilizer which, eliminates all bacteria and viruses from your tap water.


Our system is designed for effortless use, being fully automated to perform backwash cycles plus the UV sterilizer is equipped with a lamp failure warning system and hour counter, to ensure easy monitoring of its status. 


Our system does not make use of filter cartridges so there is no danger of blocked filters, and this also eliminates the worry of any water pressure drop through your house. 


After installation, the system will work effectively and maintenance free for the full first year, after which we can be called to replace the UV bulb lamp and check the system at the same time. After the second full year we can be called again to replace another UV bulb lamp and service and replace the granular active carbon.


We confidently believe that not only does the “Glacier Whole House Water Filter System” provide chemical-free purified water to every faucet and tap throughout the house, it is very low in maintenance and the most cost-effective point-of-entry system on the market.

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