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Five reasons to get yourself a residential water purifier

If you have never considered residential water purifiers, now may be the time. Water is vital to all life. The quality of water you use will have a massive impact on you and your family’s health and wellness. Even if the water you use is well within the recommended health and safety specifications, there are still a host of nasty substances that you should look out for:

Pathogens:  Germs are everywhere and worrying too much about them will only drive you crazy, but a residential water purifier can help you avoid pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Vectors: Vectors are mechanisms that carry pathogens. Modern water purification systems can block these transporters and keep all the parasites and bacteria from entering the water that you and your loved ones drink.

Toxins: Our world is built upon foundations of chemical and radioactive toxicity. Contaminated mine water, dangerous pesticides, radioactive waste, and thousands of other harmful pollutants are gradually filtering through into our drinking water.

Suspended Solids: Another class of very dangerous water contaminants is suspended solids like metals and minerals that can wreak havoc on your body over time.  To keep drinking water clean and safe, chlorine is added which in turn poses other risks. Luckily a modern residential water purifier will effectively block and remove these unwelcome guests from your water supply.

Clean and tasty water: Your family will be more encouraged to drink water when it tastes and looks good.

Don’t take chances with your health. Invest in a residential water purifier today and ensure many healthy years for you and your family. Contact Glacier for more information

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