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Unfortunately, the water that is piped to our home has increasingly become lower in quality, resulting in serious health-related concerns. Residential water purification systems provide the perfect buffer between low quality municipal water and your family, giving them an unlimited supply of pure, sparkling water and protecting their health.

Municipal water treatment goes a long way in cleaning our increasingly dirty water supply. These treatments remove soil, toxins, bacteria raw sewerage and heavy metals, reducing the water quality to non-toxic levels. For many of us, this treatment may be enough, but it often results in unpleasant tasting water. The pipes in your area or even in your home could be deteriorating due to age and lack of maintenance, compromising the quality of the water in your taps.

Municipalities are also forced to add more and more chemicals to the water supply due to the increasingly bad condition of the water in our lakes, dams and rivers. These chemicals themselves can have an effect on an individual’s health, especially if they are very young or quite old.

The simplest way to reduce this threat to your health is to invest in a residential water purification system. These systems have come a long way in recent years and as demand has risen, costs have come down. This makes them a cost-effective and easy to apply solution to a potentially life-threatening issue.

At Glacier, we believe that everyone has the right to pure, clean water, which is why these systems come in a wide range of products designed to fit every budget – from whole house and pool water systems to under counter and counter top units.

To find out more about residential water purification solutions and how they can help keep your family safe, contact Glacier today.

Family health matters: Should you be looking at a residential water purification system?

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