Industrial Products

Larger Stainless Steel RO.system Larger Stainless Steel R.O. system – 50L Blue steel water storage tank. System can produce 450L per day. System is equipped with microprocessor control panel, Panel displays procedure data
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Whole House Systems “Glacier” Whole House Water Purifier is ideal for the purification of water at point-of-entry for large family homes, guest houses, schools, clinics, etc. The unit purifies water at 2000 l/h using a three-stage filtration system, which includes a sediment filter, activated carbon filter and a germicidal U V light…read more
Industrial RO Systems Stainless steel frame, open type assembly, easy for maintenance. High -pressure stainless steel membrane housing with quick install clips. SUS 316 stainless steel pressure -adjusting valve for pure water and waste water …read more
Testimonials A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT HARBEC Plastics Inc. and WOLVERINE PLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES had something to say about our TowerKlean System
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